Paul Jevtovic, APM Fights Terrorism as CEO of the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC)


Paul JevtovicPaul Jevtovic is a practiced investigator, intelligence professional and crime fighter. He has spent more than three decades nurturing a sophisticated background in the law enforcement sector, and with his 33-plus years of experience in policing and intelligence operations, he has recently set AUSTRAC in a brand new direction. With expertise in national policing, anti-corruption, investigations of organized crime, and human resource management, Mr. Jevtovic adeptly and effectively oversees aspects of money laundering and organized crime for the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, and receives more than 93 million reports. He is also in charge of collaborating with a task force in eliminating threats.

Mr. Jevtovic always had a dedication to and passion for building a better society for the next generation. He joined the Australian Federal Police in 1982, having worked in all fields, including drugs, fraud, special crimes and numerous multi-jurisdictional task forces. He most enjoyed working within organized crime. In senior leadership roles, he was afforded the privilege of leading AFP men and woman in the State of Queensland, leading the development of the International Deployment Group, and performing the roles of national manager of economic and special operations, and national manager of human resources.

Paul Jevtovic

Paul Jevtovic. Photo courtesy of Alan Porritt, AAP

Terrorists and criminals cannot operate without funds, and Mr. Jevtovic has the right vision to ensure AUSTRAC plays an integral part in their national security and crime fighting network to shut down the money trail. Mr. Jevtovic’s first priorities include delivering on the Coalition Government’s recent $20 million investment boost AUSTRAC’s ability to stop cash being funneled to terrorists from Australia, and to crackdown on the money laundering of organized crime that funds the drug trade such as crystal meth. He will also be reaching out to the private sector in order to build the relationship between AUSTRAC and the companies they regulate. It is critical that the burden of regulation is right and the fight against terrorism financing and money laundering is done through a partnership with the private sector. Mr. Jevtovic’s appointment as CEO will play a vital role in protecting Australia from national security threats and serious and organized crime.


Sports, Spine and Pain Rehabilitation Expert Dr. Todd Schlifstein Regularly Featured as a Speaker on Top Media Outlets


Todd SchlifsteinDr. Todd Schlifstein has long been motivated to work in the medical field—at the tender age of 12 he put his best foot forward and served as a volunteer with Long Beach Memorial Hospital. He currently treats patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions at Fountain Medical Group, where he has made a name for himself as the organization’s founder and partner.

Dr. Schlifstein, an expert in sports, spine and pain rehabilitation, and in viscosupplementation injections for osteoarthritis, feels that he has been able to thrive as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine because he always tries to be better than the day before. It is this strength, drive and motivation that has led Dr. Schlifstein down the road to success in the medical field.


Dr. Schlifstein is a speaker and consultant for more than 12 pharmaceutical companies. He is regularly featured as a medical expert on a variety of topics for top media outlets including the New York Times, New York Daily News, and New York Post, US News. He was also featured on the U.S. News and World Report, Washington Post, LA Times, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America, the Today Show and ESPN. Impressively, he has testified for the United States Congress, House Reform Committee, as a medical expert on steroids and other performance enhancing products in 2005, and also at the 2008 hearings. He has also many published research studies on sports medicine and pain management in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Todd Schlifstein treats patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions at Fountain Medical Group

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a sophisticated skill set that he has been nurturing over the course of a 15-year career, an ambitious Dr. Schlifstein pushes forward with a growing amount of  commitment and determination for newer and brighter accomplishments to be made on an every day basis.

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Rajan Patel Shines as a Luminary in the Entertainment Industry


Rajan PatelRajan Patel was recently named an Executive of the Year in Film Production by Worldwide Who’s Who. His endowment was marked by his professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, years of service, and the credentials he has provided in association with his Worldwide Branding membership. As an Executive Producer of Framework Studio, LLC, Mr. Patel has garnered a reputation of distinction and prominence for his commitment to always remaining “5 jobs ahead,” for his always being motivated, and for his constant organization.

Framework Studio, LLC, is a company that provides film production, brand design, entertainment marketing, new media, content development, and gaming and sports marketing services, promos and trailers, theatrical main titles, opening titles and show packages and commercials.

Rajan PatelWith half a decade of industry experience, Mr. Patel has developed top skills in organizational matters, always working ahead, with motivation. His duties in his current role of five years are overseeing all functions of the studio and post production, serving as the acting operations manager and producer, working with a range of 20 to 200 employees, depending on the project, and managing all hiring and overseeing project logistics.

Mr. Patel plans to produce motion pictures and television shows in the years to come. Since he is a partner at Framework, his goals are aligned with the company’s goals and success, which he credits to his dedication and perseverance.  Although Mr. Patel never knew what a producer did, he made movies as a child. He officially started his producing career by shooting high-end weddings after he worked in the corporate world for a while.  In 2009, Mr. Patel met owner and creative director George Cawood through a close and mutual friend.  After a brief analysis of the company it became apparent that Mr. Patel was ready to take on a producing role with George’s company Framework Studio.

When growing up in the South Asian community, one is usually expected to look to engineering or hospitality as a career path. However, Mr. Patel went against the grain because he could not deny his artistic passions. From working for a Fortune 500 company at a young age to becoming an executive producer at Framework Studio, he has found fulfillment in the creative process rather than crunching numbers. Balanced like a scale, his left and right brain work together fluidly. He possesses a strong creative vision, as well as the business savvy to implement that vision in a logical way. As the director of operations and executive producer at Framework Studio, Mr. Patel wears a variety of hats. His adept approach to Framework’s strategic, financial and creative game plan is comprehensive. He finds enjoyment dissolving the confusion in others’ creative vision, and backed by an expert knowledge in finding clarity in chaos, he experiences satisfaction in discovering the clearest path to a project.

Overall, Mr. Patel was given an opportunity and jumped on it. He never dreamed of this being a career. He knew that he was creative, organized and could learn anything he set his mind to. He was given the chance and he is glad that he was able to turn it into a successful career. The most outstanding accomplishment of his career has been the ability to create a reputation as a producer without ever studying the industry. He has also won Two Telly Awards, Bronze and Silver, the former for “The Sing Off Season 3 Titles,” and the latter for his work on the opening credits on Fox’s “New Girl” (2010). Charitably, he is a founding board member of The Jags Solanki Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer (501c3).

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Rajan Patel won the Silver Telly Award for his work on the Opening Credits of
“New Girl” on FOX.


David Shafer Paves the Way for Rapid Expansion at One of Australia’s Leading Online Retailers


David ShaferDavid Shafer serves as the Executive Director at Kogan Technologies, a top Australian reseller of consumer electronics. Mr. Shafer has played a major role in the growth and development of the company, and his part in the firm’s operations has been such an integral one that since he joined its ranks in 2010, Kogan launched the world’s first dynamic pricing system, called LivePrice.

tech cell phonesMr. Shafer also introduced an array of popular consumer electronic items to the company’s lineup, bringing forth a selection of some of the world’s most preferred technological products developed by Apple, Canon, Nikon, Samsung and Motorola, just to name a few. Established by Mr. Shafer’s friend and former classmate Ruslan Kogan, the business began as a small e-bay startup that was turned over when the team paired up and exchanged ideas. A former lawyer, Mr. Shafer became a trusted adviser to Mr. Kogan, and the rest is history.

The store’s sales climbed from $1.89 million to $8.12 million from November 2010 to November 2011—this was a 330% increase over a one year period. Kogan also ranked Number Three in the Power Retail’s Top 100 Retailers of 2014, and Mr. Shafer has achieved a high success rate with the turnover of his mate’s business, and the low-key strategist recently told Business Review Weekly that when it comes to the global expansion of the company, that it is “[his and Mr. Kogan’s] baby and we are going to make sure that it is treated properly.”



Trevor Jarrett Brings Broad Set of Financial Skills as Director of Alpha Carinae Technology (Ltd.)


Recognized for his talent in digital integrated systems and re-computerizing, Trevor Jarrett recently celebrated 30 years of success in the financial industry. During this time, he has worked with several well-known entities, including the Australian Stock Exchange and Commonwealth Bank of Australia. An expert in Hong Kong capital markets, Mr. Jarrett was the founding member of Mike Bloomberg’s fourth global office. As the general manager, he reported directly to Mr. Bloomberg, and was tasked with ensuring all Australian securities were quoted and calculated correctly in the system. He held this position from 1988 to 2000, for 12 years, before pursuing other opportunities.

For the past five years, Mr. Jarrett has served as the director of Alpha Carinae Technology (Ltd.), a financial management company that is best known for providing financial services in capital and financial markets. In this position, Mr. Jarrett is primarily responsible for delivering technical trading solutions to financial institutions in the Asia Pacific region, although he also specifies client requirements to match existing technology assets to support a new China inbound trading service for Xinhua Financial. Many additional tasks fall under the umbrella of Mr. Jarrett’s supervision, such as looking into consumer financial markets, reporting trends and representing various financial markets products, including OneTick, Caplin and RTS Real Time systems.

Throughout the course of his career, Mr. Jarrett has continually drawn upon his expertise in data analysis, liquid publishing, cross asset classes and low latency, among many other skill sets, to assist ambitious global entities in all of their financial endeavors. He holds a postgraduate degree in trading and Hong Kong capital markets, as well as a university degree, which he earned in England. In the coming years, Mr. Jarrett plans to continue growing and expanding the business while building a larger profile and team of business consultants.


Amy Hanaialii-Gilliom Brings New Meaning to Paradise as Hawai’i’s All-Time Top Selling Female Vocalist

Amy Hanaialii-GilliomAmy Hanaialii-Gilliom is giving the people of Hawai’i a new reason to bask in the splendor of all of the beauty that the state has to offer. As the Owner of Musicland Hawaii LLC, and head of the renowned music publishing company and record label, she lends her talents to the business by writing, singing, and producing compositions and concerts, as she serves to entertain. Years of dedication to music have allowed her to shine as one of the top female falsetto singers in Hawai’i, after also having carried on the tradition of musical excellence that was passed onto her as the granddaughter of choreographer Jennie Napua Hanaiali`i Woodd, a reputable entertainer who worked on many of the Hawai’i-related films of the 1930s and 1940s.

The product of famously talented grandparents (her grandfather being trumpet player Lloyd B. Gilliom), Ms. Hanaialii-Gilliom, who is born of Hawaiian, Ojibwe and Norwegian ancestry, has produced 16 albums, which have garnered 22 Nā Hōkū Hanohano awards – Hawai’i’s equivalent to the GRAMMY® awards. Regarded as a standout by her fans and music aficionados as the “songbird of the isles” for her strong and lilting voice, Ms. Hanaialii-Gillom has demonstrated jazz, classical, pop, and theatrical influences on her albums.

Her diverse range of multiple Na Hoku Hanohano wins showcases her varied musical depth over the years prevailing in the following categories:

  • Female Vocalist of the Year
  • Hawaiian Album of the Year
  • Song of the Year
  • Group of the Year
  • Christmas Album of the Year
  • Contemporary Album of the Year
  • …and many others

Amy Hanaialii-Gillom Pu'uhonua CD (*Safe Haven in Hawai'ian)Ms. Hanaialii-Gilliom’s critical acclaim and chart success, with cultural responsibility, provides clear recognition by Hawai’i’s music community, and her fans, that her musical appeal is universally accepted. Ms. Hanaialii-Gillom is a hands-on artist who not only books her own tours, but writes music and strives to entertain audiences on an international basis, always believing that the world is her stage. She was the first performer to sing at Tienanmen Square in the Great Hall of People in China, and Ms. Hanaialii-Gilliom has sung for guests at Inaugural Balls (including President Obama’s); she has also sung for the Dalai Lama. Her albums have included collaborations with musical greats like Willie Nelson and Michael McDonald, as well. She, in a concerted effort with three other collaborators, serves as a partner with the J.W. Thomas Group, a company that produces wine from several vineyards, such as Hanaiali’i—an exclusive brand of Merlot only provided through JWT Group. As she and her colleagues look toward the launch of a new wine product, Ms, Hanalii-Gillom is planning on exploring other genres of music.

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Helen E. Brown Analyzes Key Events in Indonesia and Provides Insights for Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Helen BrownHelen E. Brown has made a name for herself as an ambitious, talented and gregarious journalist with a propensity for going above and beyond her call of duty to bring to light some of the most important details in international news. She covers business, finance, social issues, and rural and trade affairs, and she takes a keen interest in South East Asia and Australia. Ms. Brown also communicates across a range of files, including online, television, and radio, for the national broadcaster, ABC News.

Ms. Brown recently completed a four-year term as an Indonesia Correspondent, covering Indonesia and its role in the region. She was called on to provide insight and analysis on key events in Indonesia and the region. She provided a wide range of insightful reports on Indonesia, which have included political, economic, cultural and social features, as well as analyses and breaking news for television, radio, and online platforms. Her range of coverage included the 2014 Indonesian presidential election, numerous WTO-APEC-ASEAN-WEF summits, Schapelle Corby’s release, the Bali 9 death penalty, anti-US demonstrations, and President Obama’s visit.

Helen Brown covers a story on how the Australian government has offered to organise a prisoner swap for death row inmates Chan and Sukumaran, but the Indonesian government is likely to stand firmMs. Brown returned to Melbourne from Indonesia to provide news and insights for flagship ABC nightly news and News 24 on social, regional & business issues. She will continue to maintain her links in Indonesia, preparing articles and presentations, staying abreast political networks and current awareness of what is happening. She is a recipient of “Best Feature Story on the Radio” honors, as granted by the Rural Press Club of Victoria, for her story about cattle grazier families living in a remote part of New South Wales and the Anabranch river country which sustained them.

Check out Helen E. Brown in this video clip where India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes a quick trip to Melbourne. If you would like to learn more about Ms. Brown, please check out her LinkedIn page, or visit her YouTube channel to see more of her groundbreaking videos.


Joseph Lattouf Exceeds Turnover Expectations alongside Brother Tony with Hairhouse Warehouse

Joseph LattoufWith more than 30 years of hands-on experience in hairdressing, Mr. Lattouf is most proud of his partnership with his brother, Tony. Twenty years after they opened their first Hairhouse Warehouse salon, the brand has been trademarked in more than 28 countries. They have successfully managed the company’s ability to keep up with the international hair care trends, providing exceptional service that has been highly regarded and recognized, giving professional advice and selling top products at a reasonable price.

Mr. Lattouf had dreamed of owning his own salon since he was a young hairdresser. In 1992, Mr. Lattouf teamed up with his brother, Tony, a successful businessman within the retail industry to create a one-stop shop to cater to all hair and beauty needs. Since then, Hairhouse Warehouse has grown to include more than 140 franchise salons across Australia, employing more than 2,000 qualified staff.

Hairhouse Warehouse“It was a run-down, ready-to-close business,” Mr. Lattouf recently said. “Tony always had the entrepreneur in him.” The company that he and his brother decided to invest in was one that anyone else would have dismissed, or walked right past, on a desolate residential street, but these two business-oriented, savvy brothers knew better. The pair made one of the best decisions of their professional lives when they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey and enjoyed all of the ups and downs, and proverbial “bumps along the way” that the road had to offer.

At first, the brothers admit that they were not earning as much as they’d invested into their business, but by using their wit and fine tuning their approach, which meant offering wine tastings, parking attendants, and bargain basement prices at their salon, their business began to boom.

Ever the insightful businessman, Mr. Lattouf and his brother understand that the best way to serve the best interest of their customers and to keep them coming back is to rebook them while they are in the booth, and to offer them as many high-quality hairstyling products as possible, so as to keep them from running to the closest supermarket chain and purchasing something there. “We really invented the re-booking system,” he said. “We would get them back at nine o’clock and offer them an incentive.” People took notice and this customer service technique, coupled with the team’s nurturing of a burgeoning franchise, has allowed them to realize a $160 annual turnover.

joseph lattouf hairhouse warehouse logoMr. Lattouf and his brother are looking forward to expanding their hair salon operation further, and taking it into countries that it is not currently housed. He attributes his success to his passion, vision, hard work, perseverance and commitment, as well as his partnership with his brother, Tony.



Frank Khoo Shines as an Expert in Business Development and Real Estate Investment

Frank KhooFrank Khoo serves as the Head of Asia for AXA Real Estate, and he has achieved various highlights in his career; prior to joining AXA REIM, he was with the Pacific Star Group Asian real estate investment house headquartered in Singapore, where he was instrumental in the launching of several funds. He spent substantial years at Guthrie GTS Ltd, as director of all overseas projects and was also president director of PT Wisma Nusantara International and PT Guthrie Jaya Indah Resort, both real estate investment and development companies based in Indonesia. He was also executive director of Phileo Land Bhd, a real estate company listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Having over 20 years of direct experience in niche markets, he comes highly regarded, with an extensive track record.

Mr. Khoo started off his training in corporate finance, listed stockbroking house in Malaysia specializing in mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and initial public offerings, overseeing wealth funds, moving across various business units and senior roles. He has more than 20 years direct experience in real estate investment and management. He has garnered a reputation of distinction and prominence for his background in stakeholder management, business strategy, finance, asset management, strategy development, and insurance. He also specializes in wealth management and fund management.


Boris de Vroomen Serves as the International Director of Jas Hennessy & Co.

Boris de Vroomen. Photo courtesy of co

Boris de Vroomen. Photo courtesy of

Boris de Vroomen began an illustrious career in the production of luxury cognacs after working in the beer industry. A native of the Netherlands, he moved to Shanghai, where he became active in the beverage industry and served as the business development manager with Lion Nathan before joining the LVMH group as deputy general manager of Moët Hennessy Korea. Mr. de Vroomen then moved to Vietnam to work as the managing director of Moët Hennessy Indochina, where he was responsible for growing the market and overseeing luxury brands. He continued his journey as the managing director of Moët Hennessy Diageo Hong Kong Limited.

Mr. de Vroomen spent four years as the Managing Director for Moët Hennessy for Australia and New Zealand prior to his becoming the International Director for Hennessey overseeing over 60 brands globally in France at the head office. The Chinese mainland and Hong Kong were recently forecast to be the eighth largest wine consumers globally, as per Mr. de Vroomen, chairman of the Wine and Spirits Industry Coalition; he said the move would “send a strong message that Hong Kong is determined to become an international fine wine hub” alongside London and New York.”

“Hong Kong has everything needed to create a fine wine hub and the only thing preventing that was the duty,” he said. “As much as 40 percent of fine wines traded and sold in London are sold to consumers based in Hong Kong but stored in London, so Hong Kong does not benefit. Wine consumption in Asia has risen sharply in recent years and is forecast to increase further.”

Mr. de Vroomen, who leads a joint venture between drink-maker Diageo and LVMH, owner of Moët champagne, forecast Chinese consumers would buy around 50 million cases of imported wine a year by 2017, up from just two million now.

In his current role, he serves as the international director of one of the world’s most trusted brands, and leads the commercial trademark development of luxury brands across international markets, including China, the United States, Russia and Africa. He has served as a pacesetter in the areas of marketing management and communications, product management, business strategy, global marketing, and fast-moving consumer goods. He is also lauded as an expert in business strategy, event coordination, wine and liquor, public relations, and leadership.

Boris de Vroomen has worked for years in the luxury cognac industryMr. de Vroomen recently moved to France to work with the world’s largest cognac producer after working in the Asia-Pacific region for more than 15 years. He pinpoints one of the biggest highlights of his monumental career as the involvement that he had in successfully lobbying the government to lift all wine taxes, which brought the wine market closer to the local economy and led Hong Kong to become one of the largest wine auction markets after New York. Another epic part of Mr. de Vroomen’s career, for him, encompassed his service as the chairman of The Hong Kong Food Drink & Grocery Association and as co-chairman of the Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Industries Coalition.

He also recently summoned up in an interview with an unforgettable experience he had involving Veuve Clicquot and the Baltic Sea.

“Divers discovered a collection of old bottles of Champagne in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea,” he said. “Some of the bottles were Veuve Clicquot, identified by the symbol of the anchor on the cork. After checking and investigating it transpired the bottles were from the 1840s. They had been lying in the sea for 150 years. The Baltic Sea is a very calm sea and consistent temperature of about six degrees Celsius. The Champagne had almost stopped ageing and it is remarkable that most of the bottles are still drinkable. Later there was an auction where Veuve Clicquot also brought out a lot of its older vintages from the cellars which were extraordinary bottles.”


Ray Mancini Serves and Protects as Head of Renowned Security Company

Ray ManciniDestined for greatness by a relentless passion and a drive to succeed that he could not silence from the time he was a child, Ray Mancini embarked on his path to prominence in the security industry at an early age, which was brought on by a desire to make a difference in communities, help people, and save lives. He had wanted to pursue a career in police science for as long a time as he could remember, and he thus obtained a master’s degree in counterterrorism, safety and security. Mr. Mancini’s hard-earned experience and knowledge has been gained from more than 23 years of dedicated and diversified commitment within the industry. He has studied internationally, and continues to apply his craft in Australia and overseas with various international corporations.

Ray Mancini "Zen, Meditation, and the Art of Shooting"Mr. Mancini is a world-renowned trainer and professional security consultant specializing in law enforcement training, firearms and tactics training, security consulting, and executive protection. He is an expert regarding the elimination of violence on commercial properties and loss prevention. Mr. Mancini has a solid reputation for conceiving solutions that are practical, reasonable and effective. He has conducted hundreds of security surveys and investigations on commercial properties where crime has been a problem, and has provided expert advice and recommendations on how to reduce risks. Additionally, he has performed hundreds of crime demographic studies and risk assessments. Mr. Mancini has absorbed thousands of hours of highly-specialized training.

Mr. Mancini has had a wonderful journey over the last 23 years in the industry, building a great reputation and partnerships. In the 1990s, Mr. Mancini was responsible for the personal security of Mariah Carey, Ice-T and Alaa Zalzali. He has more recently been responsible for the security of Zoë Badwi. He is the founder and vice president of Samscatt Sports Shooting Inc., and the author of “Zen, Mediation and the Art of Shooting.”

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Fashion Designer Anna L. Troxler Brings a Flattering Fit to Retail Industry with Driven Apparel LLC

Anna TroxlerAnna L. Troxler is the founder and President of Driven Apparel LLC, a designer of plus-sized sportswear and T-shirts for women under a Paul Mitchell licensing agreement. Ms. Troxler, who has more than two decades’ worth of experience in fashion, created Driven Apparel three years ago because she saw a need for well-fitting clothing for women of all sizes. She is responsible for all the day to day operations of her company, including all sales and on-line marketing, client acquisition, public relations, and design. She will be growing the company and adding more apparel in the future.

Anna Troxlers ShirtMs. Troxler’s expertise is in all aspects of marketing and public relations for the T-shirt and apparel line. She attends the JPM shows twice a year and also markets to schools. She has a background in sales, marketing, fashion and beauty. With a specialization in negotiations, she obtained a licensing agreement from the Paul Mitchell name to develop and design her plus-sized fashions. She was able to get his full endorsement and incorporated the brand name “Paul Mitchell” into her T-shirt line. She also works with U.S. manufacturers to design quality, well-fitting apparel and and negotiates vendor contracts.

She attributes her success to hard work, persistence, and always keeping current. Her efforts were aided by a degree in retail merchandising from King’s College in 1988. She performs charity work for the Children’s Miracle Network. Her hobbies include travel, especially to historical cities in the South.

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